Metrology Services

Начальник метрологічної служби І. І. Івасенко

The Metrology Services of the university was established in 1982. At that time H.M. Voloshchuk was responsible for metrological supervision in the research sector of Ternopil Medical Institute.

At different times, metrology engineers H.M. Voloshchuk (1982-1993), L.S. Voloshchuk (1993-1995), O.V. Vavryk (1995-1999), O.M. Lys (1999-2008) worked at the Metrology Services.

Today, the Metrology Service staff involves: the Head – I.I. Ivasenko, Senior Metrologist – O.P. Danchak (since 1999), Senior Specialist – N.S. Vivsianyk (since 2008).

The Metrology Services of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University is a part of the national metrological service; it ensures consistency of measurements in the university, implementation of metrological control and supervision over all the university departments in order to provide high-quality research work and obtain statistically significant research results.

Since 2003, 5 university research laboratories have been successfully certified; their technical competence and ability to perform investigations was confirmed in 2008, 2013, 2018. Every year, metrological supervision covers all planned researches as well as PhD and doctoral theses, provides metrological examination of about 80 materials of planned research and theses, as well as metrological examination and regulatory control of over 50 final and current reports and about 600 research articles. A computer database of more than 2000 measurement equipment and about 200 measurement techniques is present at the Metrology Services of the university.

At present, the concept of quality has become decisive for consumers all over the world. The quality of the original product can and should be being managed, i.e. the indicators that affect the final result should be quantified and analysed. One of the processes of the Quality Management System in the health care is the process of monitoring, evaluation, analysis of measurements and improvement of each activity during its implementation.

The Metrological Services of the University has developed and implemented the SOU 74.9-02010830-002 2018 “Metrological examination of documents of research and theses. Regulatory control of reports. The procedure of implementation and registration”, in which organization and procedure of metrological examination of the documents, which are made out at all stages of scientific research, and also regulatory control of reports on research are presented. The standard is intended for employees of metrological services, principal research investigators, and also for all experts engaged in planning and presentation of research results.

High quality results of research are a priority of scientific affairs of educational and research institutions, institutes, and corresponding units of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

According to the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 435, dated August 7, 2008, I. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University has become the Main Organization of the Metrology Services (MOMS) of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine aimed at organization, improvement and coordination of affairs to ensure consistency of measurements in universities, research institutes and scientific institutions under the control of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in health care as well as in the field of implementation of public policy by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The MOMS of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine successfully passed certification in 2008 and confirmed it in 2013 and 2018 (certificate No. 076/18, dated December 16, 2018). I.I. Ivasenko has been appointed to the position of the Chief Metrologist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

During 2009-2016, 66 measurement research laboratories of universities and research institutes under jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine have been certified as well as the register of certified laboratories of universities, academic and research institutions has been developed by the Metrology Services of TNMU.

The MOMS of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has got significant experience in certification of measurement laboratories, skilled personnel, and regulatory framework.

After entry into effect on January 01, 2016 of the amended Law of Ukraine “On Metrology and Metrological Affairs” the MOMS of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has developed and put into effect the SOU 74.9-02010830-001: 2018 “Procedure for assessment of measurement capabilities and establishment of technical competence of laboratories for measurements (research) in legally regulated metrology. General Requirements and Procedure” for organization and conducting assessment of measuring capabilities and capacities, establishment of technical competence of laboratories of institutions under jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine or in the field of implementation of state policy by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, with the approval to perform research (measurement), metrological activities (services) in legally regulated metrology, inspections (audits) of their affairs.

Over the past two years, technical competence of more than 60 laboratories has been confirmed by the MOMS of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine: laboratories of institutions of higher (medical) education, academic and research institutes, public health centres, health care facilities both communal and private.

I.I. Ivasenko, the Head of the Metrology Services

The Metrology Services staff: N.S. Vivsianyk, I.I. Ivasenko, O.P. Danchak

The Metrology Services is one of the main units of university and constantly interacts with other university departments.

The main tasks of the Metrology Services of the university are:

- maintenance of measurements unity, improvement of metrological maintenance of researches at the university, medical and educational processes, as well as activities of other structural units of the university;

- metrological control and supervision;

- analysis of the measurements at all university departments;

- implementation of interstate, national and branch standards and other legal documents on metrology;

- consultations to searchers and principal investigator of researches on metrological support for scientific research;

- metrological inspection of technical tasks, drafts of regulatory documents, reports on research work;

- metrological analysis of the results of scientific research;

- regulatory control of reports on researches, theses, monographs, textbooks and manuals, scientific articles and other printed materials;

- metrological certification of thermostats, drying cabinets, centrifuges;

- development and certification of measurement methods within the legal terms;

- preparation and examination of documentation for attestation of measurement and calibration laboratories.

The Metrology Services has a computer database of measurment equipment (ME), tools for testing and control at all university departments, a sufficient fund of regulatory documentation and standards, reference literature, which is constantly being updated.